Reboot DSM 6.0 using terminal/ssh

Having installed a recent DSM upgrade, for once it seemed that things were not working quite as it should. It was possible to access files using the standard file interfaces — but not the web services. And without this it is quite difficult to get things done. And on the top of this, I was far away from the NAS.

So I searched for a long time after solutions to rebooting the DSM using terminal. Quite a few suggestions showed up, many about manually resetting by entering something into ttyS1. This did not work. At first I was not able to login as root either, which I was I had been able to in the past. Turns out a few things have changed in recent years.

The solution turned out to be quite simple, and similar to most other Linux environments these days:

Prodiving you have enabled ssh already, make yourself root:

sudo -i



And after booting up everything was working as it should 🙂

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